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住所   :Langhorne Court, Dorman Way London NW8
賃料   :£1700.00 pm
エリア:Central London
Split level of 2 bedroom flat in Central London. 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and lounge. There is a lift and underground parking area. Close to the station and local shops and restaurants.
住所   :Manning Gardens HA3 0PF
賃料   :£1800pcm
3 bed semi-detached house : 2ラウンジ、キッチン、1バスルーム、1トイレ、ガーデン、ガラージ、敷地内駐車スペース
住所   :Lynton Meads London N20
賃料   :£2300.00pm
エリア:North London
3 Bedroom semi-detached house in ideal area is available now。 3 bedroom, through lounge, spacious kitchen, New conservatory, family bathroom, garage and alarm. Wooden floor and good garden.
住所   :Framfield Close London N12
賃料   :£2370.00
エリア:North London
3 bed semi-detached house in a suburbia area. 3 bedrooms, kitchen, through lounge, d/cloakroom, family bathroom, garage and garden. Good condition.
住所   :Cissbury Ring North London N12
賃料   :£2500.00pm
エリア:North London
3 bedroom semi-detached house in Woodside Park area will be available in first week January 2019. Spacious kitchen/ breakfast area, through lounge, good 3 bedrooms, bathroom, garage, garden and alarm. Good condition.
住所   :Linkside London N12
賃料   :£2600.00pm
3 bedroom semi-detached house in Linkside area. The house is spacious and good condition. good storage and well equipped.
住所   :Ventnor Drive London N20
賃料   :£2700.00
エリア:North London
3 bedroom semi-detached house in the leafy suburbia and in a good environmental area. Good kitchen, through lounge, 3 bedrooms, d/cloakroom, bathroom, garden, garage and alarm. Available from Mid March 2019
賃料   :£2800.00pm
エリア:North London
Good size 3 bedroom semi-detached house will be available soon. Kitchen, through lounge, 3 bedrooms, bathroom, garden, garage and alarm. Good condition and close to Woodside Park station.
賃料   :£2950.00 pm
エリア:North London
4 Bedroom semi-detached house with fabulous condition will be available in March 2019. The house was under the complete renovation a few years ago and it is the excellent condition. Close to the station and local amenities.
住所   :Linkside London N12
賃料   :£3000.00pm
4 bedroom semi-detached house with very good condition. Located to local amenities and surrounding good school area. Spacious kitchen and lounge area and good accommodation.
住所   :Mill Way London NW7
賃料   :£3500.00pm
エリア:North London
5 Bedroom Detached House, 3 bathrooms and 4 toilets, through Lounge, with 2 parking space. No Garden. Very close to the station and local amenities. Everything is completely brand new.
賃料   :£3500.00pm
エリア:North London
3 Story semi-detached house will be available soon. 4 bedrooms, 3 floor, spacious kitchen, through lounge and family bathrooms, well maintained garden, garage and alarm. Bright atmosphere.
住所   :Walmington Fold, N12
賃料   :£3600.00
エリア:North London
4 bedroom semi-detached house will be available in the middle March. The house was under renovation a few years ago and it is excellent condition. Extended large kitchen, through lounge, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, garden, garage and alarm.
賃料   :£3800.00
エリア:North London
4 bedroom semi-detached house in the Woodside Park Area. This is very spacious accommodations, Large kitchen, through lounge, 3 bathrooms, 4 toilets and 4 bedrooms. It is very good conditions and available now. Suitable for active family.
住所   :Brim Hill London N2
賃料   :£3900pm
エリア:North London
5 bedroom detached house in N2 area will be available at later in December 2018. 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 4 WC and large kitchen, spacious through lounge and garage, garden and alarm. Well maintained garden.




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